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Watch Buying Guide

We know your time is valuable, so we would like to share our quality watch wisdom to intelligently guide you through this investment.

Movement Type

The movement, or inner workings, of a watch are what make up the main timekeeping mechanism. This mechanism measures the passage of time and displays the current time and other information including date, day and month. These movements can be entirely mechanical, entirely electronic or a combination of the two.

An electronic watch employs the use of a tiny quartz crystal that vibrates in the presence of electricity. This type of watch is powered by a battery and its time is regulated by the tiny quartz crystal. This is why most electronic watches are also called quartz watches.

Solar powered watches convert energy from light into electricity which is then stored in a rechargeable battery. These watches do not need to have the battery replaced as long as they are regularly exposed to a fairly strong light source.

Kinetic powered watches use a combination of mechanical and electronic elements. Usually a weight rotates with the motion of the wearer's arm which turns a generator to supply power. It is similar to an automatic watch except that electrical power is generated by the mechanical motion.

Display Type

Analog Watches


The classic and traditional display for watches. This style is more formal and has a dial with two or three hands with numbers or Roman numerals marking the hours. Today these are available from a traditional to a modern look.

Digital Watches


Available in LCD or LED this display type shows the time in numeric form. Typically found on casual watches, these are powered by a very small watch battery. Many digital watches also display seconds, date and more.


Watches come in many different shapes and styles. Most watches will fall into three main categories: casual, dress, and sport watches.

Casual Watches: Casual watches are usually made from stainless steel and have a relatively plain face. They are watches that can be worn every day. They have a durable strap or medium to heavy bracelet band.

Dress Watches: Dress watches are characterized by a case made from gold or other precious metal. They typically feature a basic, light colored dial with simple hands and a plain bezel with no markings. They usually have an elegant, thin, leather strap.

Sport Watches: Sport watches are heavier and more durable than dress or casual. They feature a heavier bezel with markings and a bold or complex looking face featuring thicker hands. These watches have a casual type strap that can be a rubber based band, padded leather band with prominent stitching, or a heavy bracelet. Most of these watches are water resistant to at least 50 meters. Sport watches have more functionality than the other types of watches.

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