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  Weight Scratch Resistance Color Variety Re-sizable
Titanium Light Low Gray No
Black Ceramic Medium Extremely High Black No
Cobalt Chrome Medium Medium White No
Gold Medium Low Yellow, White, Rose Yes
P4 Medium High White Yes
Stainless Steel Medium Low White No
Serinium Medium High White No
Silver Heavy Low Silver Yes
Tungsten Heavy Extremely High White, Classic, Gray, Black No
Platinum Heavy Medium Silver/White Yes
Palladium Light High White Yes

Titanium is an increasingly popular choice for wedding jewelry.

Although it has a lower resistance to scratching, its light weight and strength make it comfortable and very easy to wear. It's also nickel free, making it hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.

Titanium is also the metal of choice for the aerospace and sporting industries.

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Black Ceramic
Black Ceramic is a modern alternative to the traditional, gold wedding band and is among the hardest materials known to man. Only a few things in the world, including diamonds, can scratch this beautiful piece of jewelry - thus enabling an exquisite and permanently polished piece.

Known for its glossy appearance that does not fade over time, Black Ceramic is comparable to Tungsten Carbide in its ability to resist showing signs of wear. Like tungsten, Black ceramic is not sizable and may break if struck with high impact against a hard surface.

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Cobalt Chrome
These rings are not plated—they are made up entirely of a beautiful, bright white color that will last forever.

The metal is as white as platinum, hypoallergenic, unbreakable, and scratch resistant. The bands are heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten, and rounded on the inside making them comfortable to wear.

The metal has been used in medical applications for years. Unlike some metal types, Cobalt Chrome can be sized slightly without adding or removing metal.

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Rose Gold
Rose Gold (also referred to as Pink Gold or Red Gold) has a stylish spin on traditional yellow gold with its bright color that ranges from rose, red to pink.

Rose Gold contains a mixture of Gold and Copper alloy which are commonly used in jewelry. Even though it has interchangeable names, there are differences between red, rose and pink Gold which is the amount of Copper alloy added; the more Copper, the redder the color.

Like its Yellow Gold counterpart, Rose Gold has a lower scratch resistance and because of its bright color has become a popular choice for fashion earrings, pendants, rings and watches at affordable prices.

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Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold is the traditional, classic choice for wedding rings. It's affordability makes it a popular choice, in addition to the variety of color options and karats available.

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White Gold
Gold is a traditional, and popular choice for wedding jewelry. White Gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium.

White Gold is similar in characteristics to platinum and shares many of the same properties of platinum including its white color.

White gold rings can be sized and engraved.

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Platina 4 (P4)
P4 is a great look, composed of a patented mix of platinum, gold, silver and palladium. Because of its unique makeup, P4 is resistant to tarnishing and will maintain its brilliant, white luster.

P4 is hypoallergenic and can be cleaned as any fine piece of jewelry by using an ultrasonic cleaner or mild soap and water. It's more resistant to scratching or scuffing than 14kt gold as it is a more durable metal.

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Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is durable—and fashionable. Naturally white in color, it's a light weight option and exhibits a very sleek, modern feel.

Although it has a low scratch resistance, stainless steel is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. It's predominantly used in the watch and auto industries.

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Serinium rings are a brilliant, pure white metal that will not oxidize, tarnish or discolor.

They feature a comfort fit (meaning the inside of each ring is round) and can be removed easily from the finger within seconds. The metal is more durable than Tungsten Carbide and very scratch resistant. All Serinium rings are hypoallergenic.

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Silver is a popular choice for those who prefer the look of white metal for a special occasion, at an affordable price.

Silver is very soft, meaning a ring will show wear faster than other types. Because of this, more durable metals are increasingly being used for wedding bands while silver rings are used for special occasions.

The soft characteristics of silver allow for easy carving or engraving.

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Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide is a uniquely forged metal, also used in men's watches, making it perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.

Tungsten Carbide is ten times harder than 18kt gold and has a substantial, luxurious weight similar to platinum. Tungsten Carbide is a patented formula consisting of nearly 85% Tungsten Carbide, is strong, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and will remain polished forever.

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White Tungsten
This is the same as regular tungsten - it's a scratch resistant metal—available in white.

Triton has introduced this white tungsten carbide, an exclusive collection joining classic and black in a contemporary line of men's Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ wedding bands.

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Platinum is more rare than gold. Its heaviness, density and strength make it an ideal setting for wedding and engagement rings. Platinum is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and never tarnishes. It does not expand when exposed to heat and, unlike white gold, is naturally white.

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Palladium is a silver-white metal from the platinum group that will not tarnish in air and remains forever white. It is one of the most rare and scarce metals in the world. Palladium is hypoallergenic — it is nickel free and contains no skin irritants. Palladium rings are 95% pure. They are very durable and will last for a lifetime.

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