Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

The plan will cover:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong re-tipping
  • Rhodium refinishing
  • Damaged mounting
  • Ring polishing
  • Ring refinishing
  • Earring back replacement
  • Earring post repair
  • Clasp replacement
  • Chain soldering
  • Gemstone tightening
  • Pearl restringing

Estimated Repair Cost

No Additional Cost With Plan

Ring sizing

$25 - $100


Prong re-tipping



Rhodium refinishing

$40 - $60


Clasp replacement

$35 - $95


Chain soldering

$30 - $50


Pearl restringing

$20 - $100


How does the warranty process work?

If you purchase a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan (LJCP) or Watch Protection Plan (WPP) online with your item, it will be noted as a purchase in your Order Confirmation email. You will not receive a hard copy of your LJCP or WPP. Please save a copy of your Order Confirmation email to assist with initiating a future service or repair. Your Order Detail page or My Account screen will also reflect proof of warranty of purchase.

Simply take the protected item, along with a copy of your Order Confirmation email to Littman Jewelers. If there is no store in your area, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-DIAMOND (1-800-342-6643) for instructions on where and how to send the jewelry.

Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

Protect your jewelry purchase and enjoy peace of mind for a lifetime!

Fred Meyer and Littman Jewelers are proud to offer the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan. We understand the great value and precious meaning your jewelry treasures hold. That's why we created the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan.

Over the course of a lifetime, some fine jewelry will need service and repair from normal wear and tear. The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan protects against almost any repair that will ever need to be done. All fine jewelry needs regular care and maintenance, and the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan keeps your jewelry looking as beautiful as the first day you opened the box. Peace of mind and enjoyment guaranteed.

Here are just a few of the most often used services and protections the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan provides:

Polishing & Refinishing: Your enjoyment of your jewelry won't fade because your treasure won't lose its shine! The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan includes jewelry spa treatments with professional polishing and refinishing that will keep your jewelry sparkling like the first time you laid eyes upon it.

White Gold Beauty Maintained: White gold can lose its pure and lustrous sheen over years of wear. The Jewelry Care Plan includes maintaining the beauty at no cost, even with precious rhodium refinishing.

Pearl Restringing: Pearls need periodic restringing. The silk string can become soiled over time and can discolor the pearls from the inside out. The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan includes this important service at no cost.

Ring Sizing: Over a lifetime, your ring size can change, or you may decide to wear a ring on a different finger. The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan includes sizing of any gold, platinum or sterling silver ring.

Prong Re-tipping: Prongs can wear thin or become bent out of alignment over time. Multiply the number of prongs by an average of cost of $25 each for re-tipping over a lifetime of wear and it is easy to see how this protection alone makes the Lifetime Care Plan a must have for prong set items.

Damaged Jewelry Mountings: A lifetime of wear and tear on a ring or bracelet can take its toll. No worries or cost for you if you have the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan. Dents, cracks and even worn shanks are covered.

Replacement Guarantee: If your item cannot be repaired or the cost of the repair exceeds its original value, we may replace it with a product of comparable type, quality and functionality that doesn't exceed the retail purchase price of the original product or you may receive a gift card*. With the gift card you may select an identical item, or add to the value of the different one, if you choose. It's the ultimate peace of mind.

*Gift card will be in the amount of the current retail cost of a replacement item of type, quality and functionality, not to exceed the original pruchase price of the product.

See Terms and Condition for complete details, including exclusions and limitations. In TX, Plan is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation.

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